Wednesday June 21st 09.00 pm (Italy Time): "Communication with the enemy"


Anyone who works professionally in the world of Intelligence (at the service of a government agency or a corporate business) knows very well that there is a whole world related to communication, we are talking about the refined arts called: interrogation, interview and elicitation.

We will deepen these disciplines with Clifford Ruggles, one of the leading specialists in the field at an international level.

Clifford Ruggles: former U.S. Army CW3 Intelligence and Interrogation Instructor, served for over 20 years within the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Corps /APG/ DLI/ DIA, for 19 years he was program manager of Phoenix Consulting Group LLC, a company of the American giant DynCorp International LLC, today Amentum (since 1946 one of the most important General Contractors of the U.S.Gov and in particular of the U.S. Department of Defense).

It is important to remember that Phoenix Consulting Group LLC, for over 25 years, has supported USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command), USNSWC (United States Naval Special Warfare Command), DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and other important realities of the U.S. Intelligence Community with its intelligence training programs.

Today Clifford Ruggles is the CEO and Founder of RAZE uP Communications LLC.

It will take part also Gianpiero Spinelli, former U.S. Department of Defense Military & Security Contractor, per DynCorp International LLC, and for other important American PMSC. CEO and Founder of STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd, since 2014 already precursor and organizer of classes of Phoenix Consulting Group LLC /DynCorp in Italy, today consultant of RAZE uP Communications LLC.

The simultaneous and technical English-Italian translation will be entrusted to Alessandro Garzelli, graduated in Aerospace Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome, researcher at Colorado University in the U.S.A, former ''Language & Translation Specialist'' of STAM Strategic & Partners Group ltd, for the training courses of Phoenix Consulting Group llc / DynCorp in Italy, today collaborator of RAZE uP Communications LLC.

We are waiting for you on Wednesday June 21st at 09.00 pm (Italy Time) for a live historical broadcast on the world of intelligence and its "communication" techniques.

Photo: U.S. DoD