It’s not the Presidents to change America. America changes its Presidents

(di Giampiero Venturi)

We get our ideas from Trump’ s election, but the concept is extended  to the whole  America’s recent history. The Post- election analysis and debates often focus on "what is going to  happen in the next future", as to highlight  the newly elected President’ s moves and the national future. In the current context, the questions rise predominately, for the unforeseen Trump’s election forecasts an important change, undoubtedly both in the national and in the foreign policy. A further  approach leads us to assume  whether the new arrival of a president, definitely breaking with the previous administration, brings to a powerful restyling  or  in return, it’ s an electorate change, demanded for ages.

In other words, is Trump going to change the country or is an American long discontent rising predominantly?  In a solid presidential system, where the head of state is  the head of government, too and assumes the role of an absolute monarch (especially if coupled with a favorable Congress), it is clear that all the mandate’s actions are going to   be target about his “ moves” .

Just to cite a few examples: it’s been the same to Kennedy, known to history as the president by large liberal views; It has been the same to Reagan, father of the great US return, after the muted '70s; It has been so to Obama, the first African-American president, advocating the breaking of thousand taboos.

As a matter of fact,  each and every  president comes from the popular investiture gaining consciousness during the entire previous administration. This is true, especially if the outgoing president has received a dual mandate, increasing the chances of an acceptable reversal electorate  state of things. This one  disregards from the administration  virtues and successes : it is an inevitable need for a replacement binding to the changing times. For instance, Churchill led the UK to victory in World War II, but soon after was scrapped. Again, Kennedy interpreted  more like the charismatic symbol of a new generation, ready to move from General Eisenhower and  to the '60s Beat. Same for Reagan, exhuming America from the Vietnam’s ashes, Watergate, the bad impression in Iran and its 70’s  economic depression and identity.

In our times  this story doesn’ t change. Obama changed the senior Bush's America, riding environments and instances liberal pressing, matured in 8 years of radical "republicanism". Now that it's up to Trump, it's not that hard imagining those same issues do not  represent  any longer the inner heart of a nervous and disappointed  country.  If Obama was the revenge’s embodiment of a cultural, ethnic, religious and ideal side breaking down every American political conservatism, tens of millions of Americans, staying long voiceless, have been the wind leading Trump on the White House threshold.

Not everyone agrees though, there is a demographic majority in the States made by whites, Christians and heterosexuals, entitled to opinion and especially free access to voting. This matter cannot be discussed. One might say "times change" and it is so, definitely. Trump will not introduce some kind of novelty then, but it was an America got fed up with certain circles to ask  for it.  That just touches him, it can be contingency, fate or even skills. Try to break the shell of the universal thought structured in the most commonplace of political correctness, it was not an easy task and in all honesty, it took the appropriate character. Now we will see, knowing that "what can you expect from Trump" actually becomes "what can you expect from America that elected him."

The analysis axis follows this matter. If both Hillary Clinton and the DEM intelligent have failed to capture, the deepest pulse of the country, is the same thing happening in the rest West?

What the US are to be  through the choices of the new President, it ‘ s equivalent to what they have murmured in recent years by the work of profound Obama’s detachment. Is it equivalent to Europe. As per the voting answers  in the last few years, in several European countries, the answer is absolutely "yes". While the lobbies in power in Washington, went from a social enlarged basis (except for the liberal strongholds, now back minority), although in Europe it is certain that the political-bureaucratic power is not in step with the discontent of the local community.

The US institutional "simplicity" , however  guaranteed a change, confirming that a great form of direct democracy represents America. Will it be equivalent to Europe?

The idea is interesting and invites us to consider: we should not ask what will be  the result in the Trump Presidency , but what will happen to the world  which is to America dependent, directly or indirectly on. We Europeans, spoiled by half a century of cultural, political or ideological delegations, are we still able to decide about our future?

We European flattened by the American long wave, we indulged in every step, from the McCarthy era of the 50s up to last decade “gayfriendly”, how will we act consequently  to the Trump’ s election ? We will go haywire in a short circuit between the people and institutions that do not represent or we will act as repositioned pets  in front of the master?

It will be interesting, in this regard, to listen to  the political language of the embedded liberal administrations by the overwhelming power of Washington, which among other sins has had especially the one to be  believed immortal and loved by everyone.

It's worth keeping our eyes open for at least five years, then!

(trasl. Maria Grazia Bellarte)